St. Mary's Catholic Federation, Carshalton

St. Mary's Catholic Federation, Carshalton

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Art & Design

Subject Intentions Statement - Art and Design allows children of all ages and abilities ​the opportunity to communicate, explore and experiment in a creative and varied manner.

Children at St Mary’s experience a range of art activities and encounter the work of a range of artists. They work alone, in groups and as a class on a curriculum which includes drawing, colour, textiles, collage, three dimensional work, printmaking and painting. In the Junior School each child has a sketchbook which informs their work and provides a record of how ideas have developed and many lessons take place in the school studio which is timetabled for music and art lessons. Work is displayed in school and photographed so it can then be taken home.

Our Creativity days allow the children to work on shorter art activities unconnected to the class curriculum. Previous themes have been Easter, Artists around the World, Artists from Many Cultures and Olympics. On these days the children work in groups of mixed year groups giving the opportunity to work alongside other children and extending the skills of all pupils including those with a talent for art. All pupils have the opportunity to complete all activities.

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