St. Mary's Catholic Federation, Carshalton

St. Mary's Catholic Federation, Carshalton

Learning, Playing and Growing together in the Love of Jesus

The School Day

The door is opened at 8.50am and children are required to be in class ready to begin lessons promptly at 8.55am.

Lunch Break is staggered for Reception to Y2 from 11.45am to 1.15pm School closes at 3.15 p.m.

Please note that a late mark in the register counts as unauthorised absence.

Bringing and Collecting Children

Please be punctual when bringing and collecting your child each day. If your child is being collected by anyone other than yourselves, please inform the school office before 1pm on the day, but, preferably in writing.


Please ensure your child attends school regularly. Let the school know by 9.15am if your child is absent through illness or for any other reason.