St. Mary's Catholic Federation, Carshalton

St. Mary's Catholic Federation, Carshalton

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Information on Parent Reps

Parent Forum:


The Forum will comprise of one parent from each class, being a total of up to 23 parents plus the Headteacher. A ballot for the election of parent representatives to the forum will be held annually in September. Where there is more than one parent volunteer, lots will be drawn. The term of office will be for one academic year.


The quorum for meetings of the Forum is 3 parents plus the Headteacher. The meeting will not take place unless the headteacher or their deputed representative is present.


The clerk to the forum is Ms K Nicol


The Forum will meet at least once a term, in advance of the main governing body meeting, with additional meetings as necessary


- To review policies as requested to include safeguarding and social media

- To review communication between the school and parents

Junior Parents Class Rep:

The Class Reps will comprise of one parent from each class, being a total of up to 23 parents plus the Headteacher. A ballot for the election of Class Rep will take place in at the start of year 3 and will remain in place until the class teacher is notified that the parent no longer wishes to be the class rep. Where there is more than one parent volunteer, lots will be drawn.


- To communicate between the school and parents

- To communicate upcoming events to all parents

- To communicate the need for parent helper's when the need arises

PTA Reps

We are fortunate at our school to have a St. Mary's PTA Committee and parent volunteers that is and has been an integral part of the school community for a number of years. In its time St. Mary's PTA has raised thousands of pounds, which has been spent on equipment and resources to enhance our children's education experience and the school's facilities.

St. Mary's PTA is about much more than simply fundraising. St. Mary's PTA exists to provide closer links between home and school and it is an excellent way to bring staff, parents and friends together socially in support of the school, working towards a common goal. It is fun too - just ask any of the Committee members or helpers.

All parents and members of the school community are encouraged to get involved, even if they only have a small amount of time available. All families are automatically members of St. Mary's PTA when their child joins our school.

St. Mary's PTA is extremely conscious of the Catholic ethos and diversity of our school, and we try very hard when organising and planning events to respect this. Not all of our events are run as fundraisers. For example we host a fun night for all children who attend St Mary's Nursery and Infants' School. They can bring their brothers, sisters, cousins and/or friends, to come along and have fun playing beat the goalie, see who gets the most hoops, have their faces painted or nails decorated and hair braided. Join in with all the fun and activities.

As parents, you are AUTOMATICALLY a member of St. Mary's PTA so your voice counts.

St. Mary's PTA relies on a continual cycle of parent involvement. As children reach their final year and leave, so do their parents. The teachers and Head support us when possible, but without all your support, we have no St. Mary's PTA - WE REALLY DO NEED YOU.

St. Mary's PTA is a mixture of parents that work together for the benefit of St Mary's. Some are full-time parents, some work part-time or work full-time. NONE of us are specialists in fundraising.

Taking an active role within St. Mary's PTA organised events is critical to your children's success, so we've compiled a list of 10 reasons why helping St. Mary's PTA will greatly improve your child's time at St Mary's: