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St. Mary's Catholic Federation, Carshalton

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School Uniform - Nursery School


School Uniform Direct website:


In no circumstances must children bring or wear jewellery in school. This includes the wearing of earrings. This measure is put in place for health and safety reasons and we would ask all parents to respect and follow our school policy. Children wishing to have their ears pierced must do so at the beginning of the summer holidays and at no other time. Only analogue watches in school colours (White or Blue) are permitted from year 1 but must be removed for PE. No child is allowed to do PE or a sports club whilst wearing earrings.


All hair shoulder length and over must be fully tied back with blue or white fastenings, hair should be secured away from face. This applies to both boys and girls. Hair gels are forbidden in the school for safety reasons. From time to time hair styles change but children should not come to school with ‘fashion’ hair styles e.g. shaved or No1 haircuts, tram lines, Mohican style etc.