St. Mary's Catholic Federation, Carshalton

St. Mary's Catholic Federation, Carshalton

Learning, Playing and Growing together in the Love of Jesus

Aims of the School

It is our vision at St Mary’s Catholic Federation, Carshalton to provide all children with the necessary skills and knowledge that will help them to progress towards Catholic Christian maturity.

  • We aim to encourage in our children an understanding of their own value and importance as individuals, to promote their spiritual growth and social development so that they can learn to give and share as well as to receive.
  • We aim, through the use of "Come and See" and other resources to provide each child with a framework for life based on the truth and wisdom of the Gospel.
  • We aim to provide opportunities for celebration, prayer and reflection.

St Mary's Federation, Carshalton promotes high standards and achievement by working with children to ensure that they are able to:

  • Read fluently and accurately, with understanding and enjoyment
  • Develop a legible style of handwriting and satisfactory standards of spelling, syntax and punctuation
  • Communicate clearly and confidently in speech and writing in ways appropriate for various occasions and purposes
  • Listen attentively and with understanding
  • Learn how to acquire information from various sources, and to record information and findings in various ways
  • Apply computational skills including mental arithmetic which encourage rapid recall of mathematical information
  • Understand the applications of mathematical ideas in various situations in the home, classroom, school and local area
  • Observe living and inanimate things and to recognise characteristics such as pattern and order
  • Enjoy and delight in the wonders of Science
  • Develop children's skills of thinking and behaving scientifically
  • Be aware of the geographical, historical and social aspects of the local environment and the national heritage, and to be aware of other times and places
  • Develop an awareness and understanding of the natural and physical world and to encourage individual observation, expression and response within the child's experience.
  • Acquire sufficient control of self and tools, equipment and instruments; to be able to use music, drama and other forms of arts and crafts as means of expression
  • Develop agility and physical co-ordination, competence in and through physical activity, and the ability to express feelings through movement.
  • To develop children's ICT capability alongside the acquisition of their basic skills during their infant education.