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Nursery Admission 2022-2023 - Information for parents


We are so excited to meet you all in September and hope you are too. In May you will be sent a welcome letter inviting you to the 'Welcome to St. Mary's' Meeting, during this meeting a presentation run by the Early Phase Lead who will give more detailed information about Nursery and the school day e.g. the curriculum, reading days, lunches, routines etc. and hopefully answer more of your questions. At the this meeting you will receive a further letter, with details of your 1:1 meeting with the class teacher and start dates and times. We will also update our website with a little booklet with photos of your class and important places around the school.  

We would like to invite you to a 'Welcome to St. Mary's' meeting on  Monday 4th July 2022 at 9.30am

Below is a brief introduction, providing information about the next few months as well as the stay and play opportunities and 1:1 meetings.


For over the summer your teacher will make a short video to introduce themselves. Once uploaded (at the end of July) you will find them in the video section below.  In addition to this we will add a presentation for parents, which will give information about starting at St. Mary's Catholic Federation, Carshalton. We hope this will answer many of your questions, but if you have others please contact us at 

The 1:1 meetings with the class teacher will be done in September before the children fully start.

1:1 Sessions with the Class Teacher

1:1 sessions with the Class Teacher are a good way of helping your child settle in and to get to know their teacher and teaching assistant in a setting familiar to them.  Although this means starting a few days later than the rest of the school we have found it to be such a valuable experience for your child, having the opportunity to form a relationship with their teachers on a 1:1 basis, that we feel it is worth the time spent. The 1:1 session will be on one day and last 20 minutes.


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