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Subject Intentions Statement - Through a mastery approach pupils become confident and independent mathematicians ​ growing strong fluency and problem solving skills that are applied to maths lessons and daily life.

Mathematics is a vital component of the curriculum providing a way of viewing and making sense of the world. It is essential to everyday life, critical to science, technology and engineering, and necessary for financial literacy and most forms of employment. We aim for every pupil to become confidently numerate and to develop mathematical skills and understanding for life.
As a core subject mathematics is taught daily in class groups and is based on the national curriculum with a strong emphasis on the “Maths Mastery” approach. All pupils learn through the concrete – pictorial – abstract approach; the aim being to ensure that all pupils:

  • become fluent in the fundamentals of mathematics, including through varied and frequent practice with increasingly complex problems over time, so that pupils develop conceptual understanding and the ability to recall and apply knowledge rapidly and accurately
  • reason mathematically by following a line of enquiry, conjecturing relationships and generalisations, and developing an argument, justification or proof using mathematical language
  • can solve problems by applying their mathematics to a variety of routine and non-routine problems with increasing sophistication, including breaking down problems into a series of simpler steps and persevering in seeking solutions
  • acquire the necessary skills and fluency to recognize and make links between areas of mathematics and to move between representations of mathematical ideas
  • apply their mathematical knowledge to science and other subjects

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