St. Mary's Catholic Federation, Carshalton

St. Mary's Catholic Federation, Carshalton

Learning, Playing and Growing together in the Love of Jesus


Subject Intentions Statement - Pupils building confidence and creativity through a love of music. 

Music is a universal language that embodies one of the highest forms of creativity. A high-quality music education should engage and inspire pupils resulting in an increase in their development to a love of music and their talent as musicians, and so increase their self-confidence, creativity and sense of achievement. As pupils progress, they should develop a critical engagement with music allowing them to perform, compose, and to listen to a variety of genres and culture whilst studying the inter-related dimensions of music.

Singing is at the centre of the curriculum. It enhances their musical skills, develops their aural awareness and their ability to apply their knowledge and understanding in their compositions. Project work includes music from different cultures and times including the use of musical instruments and an introduction to reading music notation. The Sutton Music Service provides instrumental lessons for Years 2 and 4 under the Wider Opportunities Scheme. In Year 2 all the children learn to play the Djembe and Recorder and in Year 4 all children learn to play the Violin or Cello. Please note that Health and Safety is strictly followed regarding playing the recorder and all recorders and cleaned before and after each use.

At the Junior school, Choir is open to all children as a morning school club and at the Infant’sschool as a lunchtime club for Year 2.

A hymn practice and Sing and Praise is held for the whole school on a regular basis, as a preparation for assemblies, masses and other religious celebrations.

Several peripatetic teachers provide extra-curricular lessons in guitar, violin, trumpet, trombone, cello and piano during class time in the Junior School and piano during class time at the piano during class time in the Infant School. (There is a charge for these lessons and parents who wish their child to learn a musical instrument should place their names on a waiting list in the school office.)

The school aims, among other things, to develop children socially, culturally and spiritually. Music makes a significant contribution to all these areas and it is our aim for our children to leave our school confident that they have developed skills in performing, composing, listening and appraising and confident that they can express ideas and feelings through the medium of sound.


Topics for each year group -



Autumn - Me, myself and I and The Very Hopeless Camel

Spring - Traditional Tales and Animal Boogie

Summer - Minibeasts and Our adventure



Autumn - Me! And The little angel gets her wings

Spring - Everyone and Our world

Summer - Big Bear and Our stories


Year 1

Autumn - Hey you! And Christmas carols round the crib

Spring - In the groove and Rhythm in the way we walk

Summer - Ignition lightspeed and Your imagination


Year 2

Autumn - Hands, feet, heart and Carol Concert

Spring - I wanna play in a band and Zootime

Summer - Friendship song and Reflect, rewind and replay


Year 3

Autumn - Let Your Spirit Fly and The Nativity

Spring - Glockenspiel Stage 1 and Three Little birds

Summer - Create and Sing Hansel and Gretel


Year 4

Autumn - Wider Opportunities Violin and Cello - Explore

Spring - Wider Opportunities Violin and Cello - First Finger

Summer - Wider Opportunities Violin and Cello - Perform


Year 5

Autumn - Don’t stop believin' and Classroom Jazz 1

Spring - Livin’ on a prayer and Easter Reflection

Summer - Create and Sing Carmen


Year 6

Autumn - Groovy City

Spring - Victorian Street Cries

Summer - Production

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