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St. Mary's Catholic Federation, Carshalton

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New Reading Scheme Letter

14th January 2022


Friday 14th January

 Notification of New Phonics Reading Books

Dear Parents and Carers,

As you will have noticed your children have started to bring home brand new reading books from school this week. These are our newly purchased Phonics Reading Books. They are replacing the colour banded texts we have previously been using.

Although still holding a band colour the focus of content for the children is placed on the phonics (sounds) contained within the text, which are linked to the sounds they are individually working on in class. The old colour band books will be used later in the term to extend your child’s reading as a book of choice.

For the time being the children will select a Phonics Reading Book and will use this to read 1 to 1 with adults in school and with yourselves at home. In some instances, your child may receive a different colour banded book that is a stage prior to their previous texts and this will be due to your child’s learning of their phonics sounds. If you have any further questions about this, then please contact your class teacher through the normal avenues of communication.

 This change to our reading scheme is in line with recent Government changes to the reading curriculum where the main focus is on the attainment of sound knowledge through the children’s application in reading.

The new books are amazing and as a staff we have been extremely excited to introduce them to the children.

 Thank you for your continued support.

 Mr Pratsis

English Subject Leader