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22nd February 2022

World Thinking Day

World Thinking Day

World Thinking Day is a celebration of ten million girls worldwide that has taken place on every 22 February since 1926. It remains a day for all Guides and Girl Scouts to think of each other and celebrate their sisters all around the world. So for this day all Guides and Girl Scouts can attend school in their school uniform

21st February 2022

Lent 2022

Lent begins this week as we begin our preparations for Easter. ‘Celebrated at Home’ have many ideas on their website which support Catholic families all year round.  This link will take you straight to their Journey through Lent newsletter.  It is full of useful ideas and links which you may like to share at home.  Many of the ideas are for teenagers and adults, so please take a look.

13th February 2022

13th February 2022

The prayer that Jesus taught us, Our Father, is one we know well and pray often yet how often do we actually stop and think about what the words really mean for us and our daily lives.  This week pupils in Reception have been doing exactly that in a chaplaincy session led by Mrs. Norbury. Using items such as a globe, a crown, a hard hat and a high visibility jacket, the children were helped to understand the meaning of the words which can otherwise seem complicated and old fashioned.  They also learnt actions for each line of the prayer as a memory aid. I’m sure they will share them with you if you ask them! 

11th February 2022

Amazing News

Amazing News

We are very fortunate at St Mary’s to have many inspiring stories amongst our pupils, parents, staff and wider community. On Saturday morning, one of our parents, Kevin Quinn, was on the Radio 4 Saturday live Podcast, sharing his incredible story about all he has achieved in his life. We are amazed by his story and feel very lucky to have such a talented member of our school community achieving such great things locally. We hope as many parents and carers as possible listen to the podcast and feel equally as inspired!

19th January 2022

“As we start a new year, the Chaplaincy Team have been thinking about how to bring peace to our school.”