St. Mary's Catholic Federation

St. Mary's Catholic Federation, Carshalton

Learning, Playing and Growing together in the Love of Jesus

Our Staff - Nursery & Infants School

Senior Management Team

Mrs S Hulme

Executive Headteacher

Mrs M Quinn

Executive Deputy Headteacher

Mrs E Allen

Federated School Business Manager

Administration Staff

Ms K Nicol

PA to Executive Headteacher

Mrs K White

School Office Manager

Miss L Sofroniou

Admin Assistant

Mrs S Ryan

Finance Assistant

Teaching Staff

Mrs J Wastell

Class Teacher - Elephant Class

Mrs K Lynch

Class Teacher - Meerkat Class

Mrs B Kwasniewska

Class Teacher - Ladybirds Nursery

Miss D Penston

Class Teacher - Bee Class

Miss T Caussy

Class Teacher - Horse Class

Miss E Bryant

Class Teacher - Penguin Class

Miss E Marlow

Class Teacher - Owl Class

Mrs R Mason

Class Teacher - Reindeer Class

Miss C Walton

Class Teacher - Cheetah Class

Mrs Pye

Class Teacher

Mrs N Roberts

Music Teacher

Support Staff

Miss E Bacso

Teaching Assistant

Miss A Kerlander

Teaching Assistant

Mrs V Quinn

Teaching Assistant

Mrs J Finan

Teaching Assistant

Mrs S Pitcher

Teaching Assistant

Mrs W Needes

Teaching Assistant

Mrs U Hegarty

Teaching Assistant

Ms. P Brookman

Teaching Assistant

Mrs S Da Gama

Teaching Assistant

Mrs K Connaire

Teaching Assistant

Mrs G Reader

Teaching Assistant

Mrs C Massam

Teaching Assistant

Midday Supervisors

Ms M Stoklosa

Midday Supervisor

Mrs G Cresswell

Midday Supervisor

Mrs K Neal

Midday Supervisor

Mrs N Reader

Midday Supervisor

Mrs L Wyatt

Midday Supervisor

Premises Staff

Mr L Denman

Assistant Site Supervisor

Mrs E Said

School Cleaner