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Joseph Bear’s visit to Aylesford Priory

23rd May 2018

Good Shepherd Liturgy at Aylesford Priory, 23rd May 2018

On the Feast of the Ascension we had a Day of Many Colours to raise money for Mission Together. We raised £858!

The Liturgy Group presented a cheque for this amount to Bishop Pat Lynch at the Good Shepherd Liturgy.  Joseph Bear went along too!



The Feast of the Ascension

 Day of Many Colours at the Nursery and Infants’ School



The Feast of the Ascension

 Day of Many Colours & French café at the Junior School


Finding out where to go...


  there’s lots to see.

 Visiting a chapel.


Enjoying the sunshine with members of the Liturgy Group.


  Doing some exercises.


It was a wonderful day!